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Soul Calibur 2

Back in 1995, gamers got their first taste of Namco’s latest fighting series. After the success of Tekken, made to compete directly with Sega’s Virtua Fighter, Namco felt there was room for a different kind of fighting game.

Soul Blade was a 3D weapons-based fighter with stunning graphics. Weapons made range a more prominent differentiator than ever before. Sequels followed that stuck faithfully to this formula, the second of which was Soul Calibur 2. 

Link’s triple-A status and sword and shield combo made him the prime candidate for becoming Soul Calibur 2’s exclusive character on the GameCube version. While the PlayStation 2 version had Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima and the Xbox version featured popular comic-book character Spawn, Link’s inclusion ensured the GameCube edition sold more than the other two combined, despite being on a system unfriendly to traditional fighting games.

Super Smash Bros. series

A cross between a beat ‘em up, platformer and party game, the Super Smash Bros. series has consistently been Nintendo fan service at its very best. More than simply pitting classic characters such as Mario, Pikachu and Link against each other across a variety of themed worlds, SSB brings its own distinct style and mythology that is drastically expounded upon in the third game, Brawl. Following is a list of all the Zelda appearances in the SSB series, the game(s) they appeared in, and the Zelda games they were based on.

Playable Characters

Link SSB, Melee, BrawlYoung LinkMeleeToon LinkBrawlZelda/SheikMelee, BrawlGanondorfSSB, Melee, Brawl

WarioWare series

The WarioWare series begun life on the Game Boy Advance with Minigame Mania, a rapid-fire series of 5-second games that became increasingly faster and harder until mortals such as ourselves lost all four lives.

This template has been used throughout the series, with each successive game taking maximum advantage of its host system. For instance, Touched! capitalised on the Nintendo DS’ innovative touch screen, and Mega Party Game$ four controller ports.

WarioWare Minigame Mania (GBA)

The Legend of Zelda

As part of 9-Volt’s classic Nintendo series, players take control of Link as he appeared in the original Zelda title. Using the d-pad to guide Link into the cave, hazards such a Zola fire and a Peahat must be avoided.

WarioWare Twisted! (GBA)

The Legend of Zelda

Another game in the 9-Volt series, players rotate the console to shield Link from incoming Octorok attacks.

WarioWare Touched! (NDS)

8-Bit Hero

By comparing the top and bottom screens, players must identify the different pixel of a magnified sprite and tap it to change it. Link is one of many Nintendo characters featured.

The Legend of Zelda

Players must tap on increasingly hidden fairies as they appeared in the first Zelda game.

WarioWare Smooth Moves (Wii)

Opening Night

Here, the Form Baton becomes a conductor’s wand, and players must conduct the orchestra in beat. Link is featured as one of the musicians.

The Wind Waker

By placing the Wii remote on their heads, players mimic Link holding a Deku Leaf in TWW. By tilting left and right, Link must brave the alternating wind directions to land on an diminishing platform.

Ocarina of Time

The classic game’s most iconic moment is recreated here, as players are given the special opportunity to physically yank the Master Sword from its pedestal. Link transforms into adult Link, the never-before-seen elderly Link, and finally a flapping, yapping Cuckoo!

Cameos Playable

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