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Powerpuff Girls

Season 3 of the highly popular children’s show Powerpuff Girls featured its own interpretation of Ocarina of Time. Major, playing as Link, ends up killing Navi. Revenge at last… For those interested in “finding” this episode, it’s called “Child Fearing”.

Robot Chicken

The popular Adult Swim series Robot Chicken parodied Link’s lack of “reward” for saving Zelda. With a nudge and a wink Link pines for more than a few rupees, but Zelda is less than impressed with the amount of time it took him to defeat Ganon. And here we thought she’d like a man who took his time.

South Park

In the episode “Imaginationland Episode II”, the happy-go-lucky land of Imaginationland is overrun by the worst things ever dreamed of by humans. While the first part of this trilogy revealed that Mario was a citizen of Imaginationland, here we can see Link running, fairly out of character, away from the oncoming horde.

Cameos TV Shows

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