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This DVD is the full Legend of Zelda boxset, featuring all 13 episodes. It was released by Shout Factory in late 2005, who obtained the license from UAV, creators of the following two DVD packages. It has a few extras, too; an illustrator’s guide, interactive match game, the introduction and ending to Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and some trivia.


These half-hearted DVDs were released by UAV. The first is titled Ganon’s Evil Tower and features 3 episodes, but strangely two Sonic Underground episodes as well. The second, titleld Havoc in Hyrule, rectifies this mistake and features 5 Zelda episodes. Both DVDs are presented by Inspector Gadget, positioning it firmly in “random children’s DVD country”, rather than a DVD for video gamers.


These videos were released by DiC, and each contains two episodes. They’re no longer available, but collector’s might want to search eBay.

Cartoon Videos and DVDs

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