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Himekawa Akira

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The comics pictured here are manga books created by Himekawa Akira for various Zelda games.

The Majora’s Mask comic follows the story of the game to a “t”, but it adds an interesting sidestory concerning the creation of the mask itself. According to Akira, the mask was grafted from a monster all alone in the world. He wished for death, and a traveller made him dance until he died from exhaustion. The corpse was used by the traveller to craft the mask, which retained the evil spirit that was once embodied in the monster.

The oracle of seasons comic takes place before oracle of ages. Link is living with his grandparents in Hyrule, and his Grandfather has traditionally pushed him to become the next Hero. Link, however, is more interested in exploration and adventure.

While taking the Knight’s Test in Hyrule Castle, Link stumbles upon the Triforce, which whisks him away to the faraway land of Holodrum. The story progresses from Seasons to Ages like it would in a linked game, and finishes in Ages with a final showdown with Twinrova and Ganon. The prologue to this pair of comics makes it hard to place the story between a link to the past and Link’s Awakening as is traditionally done.

These comics haven’t been officially translated or released outside of Japan, but they pop-up on eBay now and again for around £15.

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