Heart pieces

There are 12 Heart pieces to collect in Oracle of Ages. For every four you collect, another heart is added to your health meter, so its worth getting every last one!

Heart Piece 1

Time period: Past
Where: Maku Road
How to get it: While traveling the Maku Road, you’ll spot this Heart Piece hiding behing some blocks. Push the blocks aside to claim it.

Heart Piece 2

Time period: Past
Where: Ambi’s Tower
How to get it: After you get the Shovel, return to the entrance of the tower to free this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 3

Time period: Present
Where: Yoll Graveyard
How to get it: Once you receive the Power Bracelets, you can lift up the rock blocking this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 4

Time period: Past
Where: Deku Forest
How to get it: There’s a small, combustable tree in the souther section of the forest, along the water. Burn it to reveal a staircase, which leads to this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 5

Time period: Past
Where: Restoration Wall
How to get it: Once you get the Roc’s Feather, exit Lynna City via the western exit. Head left one more screen and jump over the pits to the north. Climb the stairs to reach the cave. Enter and then hop across the pits to reach this Heart Peace.

Heart Piece 6

Time period: Present
Where: Talus Peak
How to get it: Climb Talus Peak in the Past and head to the northwestern screen. If you hit Select to open up your map, you’ll know you’re in the right spot if you appear in the top-left corner of the world map. Play your Harp to warp to the Present and you’ll have easy access to this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 7

Time period: Present
Where: Lynna City
How to get it: In the Past, travel to where the shop’s location (or, where the shop would be if you were in the present). There are two trees that branch off of the main cluster. Place yourself above the left-hand one and warp to the Present to find yourself in the fenced-in area. Climb down the stairs to enter the secret shop, where you can buy this Piece of Heart for a whopping 500 rupees.

Heart Piece 8

Time period: Present
Where: Rolling Ridge
How to get it: Head to the western edge of the mountains (where the Pegasus Tree grows in the Past) and enter the cave. Traverse the cave until you come across a goron standing in a corner. Bomb the wall a few steps south of him to reveal a cave. Enter and claim this Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 9

Time period: Present
Where: Rolling Ridge
How to get it: In the Present, head to the Goron Dance Hall and use the Time Portal just outside of it. Once in the Past, enter the cave and traverse it to emerge in the upper-right square of the world map. Head to the right and clear out the bushes, then warp to the Present to receive this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 10

Time period: Present
Where: Crescent Island
How to get it: Once you have the Mermaid Suit, head to Crescent Island. Dive underwater at the northeastern corner to find a was to travel beneath the island. Traverse the maze beneath and reach a cave. Inside you’ll find a chest containing a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 11

Time period: Any
Where: Maple Encounter
How to get it: During an encounter with Maple, there’s a random chance that she’ll drop a Heart Piece.

Heart Piece 12

Time period: Any
Where: Gasha Tree
How to get it: Plant Gasha Seeds in any and all locations that you find. There’s a random chance that the Gasha Nut they grow will produce a Heart Piece.