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Board game

MB The Legend of Zelda Game

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, MB had a habit of making licensed board games based on popular cartoons. Surprisingly, a Zelda board game was made.

The premise of the game was to explore Hyrule, uncover treasure and if needs be, to fight enemies. If an enemy defeated you (decided by the number on your attack dice) you lost a heart and if you defeated the enemy, you gained one with the objective of the game being to collect as many hearts as possible.

Card games

Game Packs

These were scratch-cards which featured random secrets for many different NES games. One of the packs available was for The Legend of Zelda.

N64 Pocket Battle Cards

These playing cards were given away by N64 Magazine issue 35. They were called ‘N64 Pocket Battle Cards’, and the game they played was not unlike Top Trumps. Not all of the characters were Zelda ones, there were many more obscure Nintendo characters in there, too.


Burger King game

This Burger King Game was given away early in 2003 when Burger King chains across America were giving away Nintendo toys with meals. In this game, you had to chop down all of the Deku enemies.


This maze games was one of those small handheld games with the metal balls you had to navigate around small passages. It claimed to have three games in one, when in reality it just had two extra cardboard inserts in a back compartment.

Water game

This was just a generic ‘guide the balls into the hole’ (no jokes, please) water game with a picture of Link stuck to the back. Inspired stuff.

Merchandise Games

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