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The Legend of Zelda

Conquering Zelda

This was a particularly horrible-looking guide for both The Legend Of Zelda and The Adventure Of Link on Nintendo Entertainment System. It offered the usual selection of maps and hints, but… eugh, just look at it! As is made clear on the book’s front cover (in both text and image), this was an unauthorised guide.

Prima’s Unauthorized Game Secrets

Humble times for the game guide heavyweight Prima. While now they are tasked with creating most of Nintendo’s (and indeed the game industry’s) walkthroughs, back in the early 90’s they were making their start producing knock-offs like this.

oracle of ages & Seasons

Versus Books’ Perfect Guide

This was a particularly clever guide. To reflect the “two sides of the same coin” nature of the Oracle duo, this book was flipped half way through, with each half representing one of the games.

Ocarina of Time

Prima Official Strategy Guide

This Prima guide was the official walkthrough, or as they call it ‘Strategy Guide’, for Ocarina Of Time. I’m not sure how much strategy you guys used in the game but I know I didn’t use a lot. The guide was packed throughout with maps, artwork, and loads of secrets.

N64 Double Game Guide +

N64 Magazine used to give away guide books with every issue called the Double Game Guide +. Each book had a guide for two games, but because Ocarina Of Time was so big the whole book was dedicated to it. The ‘+’ in the name referred to the cheats at the back of every guide for other games, but there were none in the Ocarina Of Time walkthrough.

Phantom Hourglass

Prima Premier Edition

Billed as the “Premier Edition” on the front cover (hmmm), this is rather the 1st Division Edition as the lack of glamour shots will testify. And for only ten dollars less!

Prima Official Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition

Prima’s Phantom Hourglass Collector’s Edition Official Strategy Guide EX Alpha 2 Turbo: Champion Edition is, as you may have guessed, the official strategy guide for Phantom Hourglass, as published by Prima. The included pull-out sea chart, leather bookmark, story booklet, hardcover and gold-lined pages help soften the blow of its $30 asking price.

Merchandise Guides

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