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Console accessories

N64 decal stickers

The Nintendo 64 sticker set, given away free by N64 Magazine issue 21 in the United Kingdom, did make your console look pretty cool. However, it was hard to put on, with bubbles tending to emerge with the less competent of users, and when you took it off the N64 looked… boring again.

DS Lite gold case

Released early 2008, the Phantom Hourglass DS Lite Case is made of padded aluminium, with a clip lock and gold finish. At £13, this isn’t just a Zelda themed case but possibly the best hard DS case on the market.

DS Lite Duo case and stylus

If so, maybe you’re sadistic enough to go near this abomination.

Feather stylus

The feather stylus was used in a promotion by Nintendo of America at the end of 2007. By registering Phantom Hourglass to their My Nintendo account and completing a survey, players could receive the limited edition stylus for free. The stylus has the practical advantage of being slightly translucent, but it also arrived in a padded display box, meaning you’d probably never take it out.

Switch ‘n’ Carry System Wrap

Less of a ‘wrap’ and more of a shiny sticker, the officially-licensed System Wrap is used to protect your DS Lite from scratches. It does a surprisingly good job; scratches wouldn’t dare go near the thing. Would you?

GameCube replacement fascia

One of the coolest free gifts I’ve seen, the GameCube fascia came with CUBE Magazine. It replaces the black disk on the lid of your GameCube, and you change the picture it displays by putting an insert under the clear plastic cover.


N64 Magazine

The keyring on the left was a free gift by the N64 Magazine in the UK. The illustration in there was done by Rare-employee (after N64 Magazine comically swapped him with Rare for exclusive Perfect Dark screenshots) Will Overton. He’s got a habit of making superb pieces of anime, and this is no exception.

BD&A Collectable Bendable Keychain

This keyring was apparently ‘collectable’. The problem with this, though, is that it -is- collectible. Quite why anyone would take it out of the precious package is beyond me, because there’s no way of getting it back in. However, the keychain is high quality, and isn’t prone to snapping unlike some past bendable toys. The shield is a little easy to lose, being a separate accessory. Nice package, though.


Duvet cover

This was part of a room decoration set, which included a SMB/LOZ lamp shade and curtains and depicted scenes from the first Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. games.

The History of The Legend of Zelda

This retrospective DVD was released around the time of The Wind Waker. It features interviews with past and present Zelda producers, artists and programmers, and footage from all the game endings. If you do decide to track a copy down, please be aware that the disc is in Japanese only, and has no English subtitles, though it is multi-reigion.

Sticker Fun book

This Zelda Sticker Fun Book was one of those ‘create your own scenes’ sticker books, with transparent-backed characters which didn’t ‘stick’ so much as they did ‘stay’.

Table set

This plastic table set (two Zelda plates and a cup) was obviously aimed at young children, and the plastic used is notorious for not aging all that well.

Inflatable Ganondorf

The inflatable Ganondorf came free with an issue of the now-defunct Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK. The idea was that, when placed in a provided base full of water, he would pop back up if smacked down. Weebles wobble…

Nintendo Cereal System

This is the magazine advert used to promote the Nintendo Cereal System. It had artwork of Link and Mario, both saying something corny. Well, that’s the late 80’s / early 90’s for you, and that’s what happens when you let an advertising company take control of Nintendo characters.

The next two pictures are of the box art for the aptly named ‘Nintendo Cereal System’. As you can see, the box was actually split down the middle, and one half had Mario cereal and the other had Zelda cereal. The Mario side was flavoured ‘Fruity’ and the Zelda side was ‘Berry’.

There were two box designs, each one with different Nintendo scenes on them. Each pack came with a free Nintendo Power Card, of which there were 12 to collect. The cereal itself was shaped like Marios, Goombas, Mushrooms, Link, Shields and Hearts.

PEZ dispenser

An unofficial PEZ dispenser, but with official Nintendo branding.


This was given away free in Australia. The ‘It’s time to get evil, medieval’ slogan is particularly cringe-worthy, but the artwork used is cracking.

Zelda Box

Zelda Box was a Japan-only product released to accompany the release of The Wind Waker. It includes a walkthrough, an artbook, a Zelda products catalogue and a history of past Zelda games. Best of all, it includes a music CD which is the Japanese version of Europe’s “Melodies of Time”, and two 11/4 inch figures - one of Link and one of a Moblin.

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