Friday 21 October 2011

Link Makes Unrealistic Dressing Room Demands For 25th Anniversary Concert

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You may be wondering why on earth I just typed that headline. Link is fictional! He won’t be attending any of the the 25th Anniversary Concerts. But that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from having some fun, leading to hilarity in the process.

The first Western date for the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Tour is tomorrow, in LA, and Nintendo have submitted a “contract rider” to the venue, the Pantages Theatre, letting them know just what the concert’s main star, Link, requires in his dressing room (or rather, dressing rooms - he wants three). This includes fairy fountains, two gallons of Lon Lon Milk, and a secret room, reachable only by bombing a wall. Also, no octoroks, stalfos, moblins or skullturas are allowed anywhere near the venue (aside from golden skullturas - they come in handy). Link sure is a bit of a diva…

The whole thing is hilarious, and a great piece of viral marketing from Nintendo. There are only three concerts scheduled for this year - Japan (in the past), the LA show, and London (on the 25th of October). But Nintendo have promised to put the show on tour next year, so hopefully you will be able to see it at a venue near you.

View (and laugh at) the contract rider here:

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Mario to Use Zelda Weapon in Super Mario 3D Land

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Let’s talk about Mario for a few minutes. No, we’re not becoming Mario Elements, but Mario seems just as keen to celebrate Link’s 25th as much as we are. Nintendo already announced at E3 that a level in the upcoming 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land, would feature a top-down dungeon level to honour Zelda, but it seems it doesn’t end there. Mario is getting a Zelda-inspired powerup!

Alongside Mario’s famous standard powerups, Mario is getting a Boomerang powerup, where he has the ability to, wait for it, throw a boomerang! Nintendo claims this is another nod to Zelda.

Sounds like Mario and Link are pals after all, despite punching the crap out of each other in Smash Bros. Who knows - will there be more Zelda nods in the final game? We’ll have to wait and see. My brother will be buying it and stealing my 3DS to play it - the cheek - so maybe I’ll have a shot to find out.

View a screenshot of the boomerang powerup here:

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Thursday 30 September 2010

Sweet! Some Skyward Sword Screenshots

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While Nintendo’s next big Zelda game, Skyward Sword, was absent from their press conference yesterday, they have made up for it by releasing a handful of new screenshots of the 2011 game.

Unfortunately, they don’t really show anything new. The same environments and enemies are featured. But something has changed. While the Skyward Sword we saw at E3 was bursting with colour, this one seems a little bit more subdued. Just a little bit, but it gives the screenshots a very different feel. Are Nintendo trying to appease the fans that prefer a darker atmosphere in their Zelda? Or maybe it’s just the way the specific screenshots came out? We only have five, so it’s hard to tell for sure. We’ll keep you updated.

View the screenshots here:

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