Thursday 12 January 2012

What? Content?

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Hey, gang, Sponge here.  I recently beat Hero Mode in Skyward Sword and decided to write a review, which you can now find in that game’s page.  I also shelled out a bunch of Christmas money to pick up the Zelda Special Edition 3DS bundle, so I may whip up something for Ocarina 3D in the coming weeks.  I really miss this stuff and would love to get back into making content updates, but the extra free time I’ve been allowing myself to have these past weeks is going to have to come to an end soon as I turn my attentions back to finding a better form of employment.  At any rate, enjoy the review.

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Wednesday 25 May 2011

It’s Alive!

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Hello there. I suppose you’re wonder what happened to the site over the last three or four months. Well, it’s not actually that exciting. I had to take some time out to finish my fourth year of uni - when you get to such an important time, something has to give, and unfortunately this was one of those things. I’m just a volunteer writer, and the only active newswriter, so when I left things kind of ground to a halt.

But the good news? We are now back in business. The exams are done, the presentations are finished and I have a summer where I desperately need things to do! So you can stay tuned to ZE for your latest Zelda news and rumours over this Zelda-dense period of E3 2011 and the release of Ocarina of Time 3D. By the way, did you see the box art for that game? It looks great!

Speaking of which, here is a hype-inducing new trailer for the game:

And did you know that if you’re Australian, you can get a special edition with an actual ocarina? Madness!

So please excuse the blip, and let us continue as normal. Regular news articles will get proper write-ups as of this point.

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Monday 14 June 2010

By decree of the King

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Surely the most exciting news Zelda fans are going to receive today - Zelda World is back. A bit rough around the edges for now, so expect a fuller-fleshed Community section, and proper skins for the various member features in the very near future. Oh also there’s every chance the site is broken in Windows-exclusive browsers as I haven’t had the chance to test it over there. Cripes.

However, I decided to launch today because I didn’t think it right for the site to be down during what is hopefully the most significant Zelda announcement in over half a decade. There have been no new announcements on a console Zelda game since Nintendo electrified E3 2004 with the debut Twilight Princess trailer.

Like you guys, I’m pretty excited to see what they have for show later today. We’ve been promised a groundbreaking Zelda adventure that takes full advantage of the Wii Motion Plus controller, with hints that Link may at last take to the skies.

After a lackluster Microsoft E3 conference, all eyes are going to be on Nintendo to bring their A-game and redeem E3 2010. With promises of Zelda and the new Nintendo 3DS console, it looks hard to see how they could disappoint.


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