Link Makes Unrealistic Dressing Room Demands For 25th Anniversary Concert

In Zelda news on Friday 21 October 2011

You may be wondering why on earth I just typed that headline. Link is fictional! He won’t be attending any of the the 25th Anniversary Concerts. But that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from having some fun, leading to hilarity in the process.

The first Western date for the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Tour is tomorrow, in LA, and Nintendo have submitted a “contract rider” to the venue, the Pantages Theatre, letting them know just what the concert’s main star, Link, requires in his dressing room (or rather, dressing rooms - he wants three). This includes fairy fountains, two gallons of Lon Lon Milk, and a secret room, reachable only by bombing a wall. Also, no octoroks, stalfos, moblins or skullturas are allowed anywhere near the venue (aside from golden skullturas - they come in handy). Link sure is a bit of a diva…

The whole thing is hilarious, and a great piece of viral marketing from Nintendo. There are only three concerts scheduled for this year - Japan (in the past), the LA show, and London (on the 25th of October). But Nintendo have promised to put the show on tour next year, so hopefully you will be able to see it at a venue near you.

View (and laugh at) the contract rider here:


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